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Astore PP compression fittings are joints for PE pipes dedicated to water adduction systems. They can be used both in irrigation field and drinking water systems.

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Astore joints range includes a large number of items apt to satisfy a very wide range of plant engineering installation requirements. The joints range leaves from d.16 mm up to d.110 mm.
The joints provided with threads have a metal reinforcement on the external part of the thread, leaving from r. 1 1/4″.

Reference standards

Astore compression joint is manufactured in compliance with the requirements of standards ISO 3458, ISO 3459, ISO 3501, ISO 3503, ISO 14236, DIN 8076-3, UNI 9562, UNI 9561, BS 5114/75.The joints can be installed on PE pipes which are in compliance with standards ISO 3607, DIN 8072, DIN 8074, UNI 10910. The threaded versions are manufactured in compliance with standard ISO 7/1.

Pressure rating to 20

16 bar from d.16 mm up to d. 63 mm, 10 bar from d.75 mm up to d.110 mm.


Body and nut in polypropylene black co-polymer, clinching ring in white POM resin, o-ring in nbr, reinforcement ring in AISI 430.
Presser bush (d.75, d.90, d.110) in polypropylene black co-polymer.

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