ABS and PVC Valves

A complete range of manual and actuated ball
and butterfly valves,  available in both u-PVC & ABS
and suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Company Approval

Italian Institute of Plastics (IIP) has officially tested the conformity of Astore production system to UNI EN ISO 9001 (certificate No. 354).

This standard defines the characteristics (dimensional, performance, environmental, safety, and organisational setup) of a product and deem them suitable for the demands of the market. The extensive range of quality high performance products are recognised and appreciated throughout the world.


Astore ball valves are manufactured according to the following standards:

ISO metric solvent weld series to ISO 727, EN 1452/4, complying with pipes to ISO 161/1, EN 1452/2
BS solvent weld series to BS 4346/1, complying with pipes to BS 3506, BS 3505
BSP threaded series to UNI ISO 228/1, DIN 2999, BS 21


Astore valves follow the Directive of the European Parliament PED 97/23/CE regarding pressure equipment and are produced according to UNI EN ISO 16135.

The sheet here attached shows the classification of the family valves, which are marked CE (in self-certification), or CE 1115 (under approval of Notified Body).

The various families of valves carry the following classifications

111 CE / 1115
724 CE / 1115
326 CE
322 CE
302 CE
303 CE
800 CE / 1115
VFO CE / 1115
VSA CE / 1115
VNR CE / 1115

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