Astore breathes life into trout

A wide range of pipework and fittings has been utilised within the construction of a new incubation and hatchery facility at Glen Wyllin Trout Farm on the Isle of Man.

Troutlodge, Inc, the world’s leading supplier of salmon eggs and owner of the Glen Wyllin Trout Farm, has constructed a new state-of-the-art water temperature controlled and water re-circulated hatchery building at the farm. The new building, which is Troutlodge’s first facility of this nature in Europe, replaces an existing outdated facility and will have a capacity of 100 million eyed Rainbow trout eggs per annum.

The most important aspect with any hatchery is to provide continued water flow, to deliver the correct level of oxygenation to the eggs at all times, as a lack of sufficient oxygen will lead to deformities and / or mortalities in the population. As a result, Troutlodge, Inc was looking for a reliable pipework system that could effectively transport water throughout the facility and turned to Astore UK.

Astore metric PVC-U pipework and fittings in sizes from 90mm – 225mm have been installed for all water pipelines throughout the building. The eggs need a constant flow of water through the tanks to survive and develop, but Troutlodge, Inc is committed to preserving natural resources, so the Astore PVC-U pipework is used to re-circulate all water around the system. This prevents high volumes of fresh water being taken from the local natural resources.

Astore PVC-U was selected due to previous good experiences of the product as Troutlodge Isle of Man Managing Director, Roy Charsley, explains; “I first used Astore pipework after it was recommended for a facility I was building for a previous company in South Africa and I have been so impressed with the product, I have never used anything else.

“There was no question of using anything else for the new facility on the Isle of Man, the product is so quick and easy to install, it makes the installation process very simple. Reliability is key for us, as the water needs to be constantly pumped through the tanks to keep the eggs alive, so we need to know the pipework system will continue to carry clean, uncontaminated water throughout the lifetime of the facility and we know Astore PVC-u pipe can do just that.”

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