Astore UK helps grow salmon

Astore UK’s leading flow monitoring product FlowX3 has been utilised within the salmon growing process at Scottish Sea Farms, pioneers in the production of Scottish salmon

Supplied via IPS, flow metering sensors from Astore UK were specified by Aqua Systems, a leading provider of the design, fabrication and installation of fish farming system equipment, for its Borehole Supply Metering System, which it has recently supplied to Scottish Sea Farms.Scottish Sea Farms takes approximately 2,000m³ of fresh water a day from underground boreholes as the salmon need a constant flow of fresh water through their tanks. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) requires that all water removed from boreholes is monitored and declared so Scottish Sea Farms turned to Aqua Systems for a suitable solution.

To meet this need, Aqua Systems designed and supplied the Borehole Supply Metering System, which utilises 11 x Astore FLS Paddle Wheel Sensors to constantly monitor the water flow and record the collected information on a digital display.

For this application, Aqua Systems required a simple flow monitoring solution and Astore UK provided the ideal product, as Ramzi Arabi from Aqua Systems explains: “We needed a reliable and effective flow monitoring product to ensure all the information is collected and recorded so that it can be provided to SEPA whenever necessary, but we didn’t want an over-engineered product that provides excessive levels of detail – Astore UK had the perfect product in the FLS FlowX3 Paddle Wheel.

“In addition to the product performance, the level of support and service provided by both the IPS and Astore UK teams cannot be faulted; from the initial enquiry through to the after sales service, the teams were exceptional and I will definitely be returning for future projects.”

Astore UK offers a full range of flow control solutions to cater for a variety of fluid analysis and measurement applications. From simple variable area flowmeters through to digital technologies such as such as paddle wheel and insertion magmeter sensors, Astore UK has a product to suit a wide range of customer needs.

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