Astore helps provide purified water to Africa

An innovative new product that produces purified water for third world countries has utilised a range of Astore PVC-U valves within the construction of its units.

The new invention – Meckow Aquapur – is the brainchild of Dr Leighton James and it purifies and filters the contaminated water supply to produce 1,000 litres of clean drinking water every hour. At present Meckow Aquapur works with eight government agencies, who are currently distributing the units to 12 different African countries, allowing over 2,000 people access to clean drinking water for each unit installed.

Each unit utilises seven Astore PVC-U valves; 1 x inlet valve, 3 x exit valves, a cut-off valve and 2 x return valves within the configuration of the system. The valves were selected due to the long-term performance benefits of the products; it is important that the units are easy for the end user to operate, so all elements within the system need to have limited maintenance requirements and offer a long product lifespan.

The Astore valves met all the necessary criteria for this product; the PVC-U plastic material is both limescale and corrosion resistant so the valves will not be affected by the various fluids passing through them, offering a low maintenance solution that ensures the product will retain the same high performance levels after 20 years.

Commenting on the project, Dr Leighton James said: “I am delighted with the product we have produced; every 10 seconds one person dies from a water – bourne disease so it is satisfying to be able to do be able to help people with the Meckow Aquapur. It was extremely important for me to provide a product that does not need electricity to operate, has low maintenance and that will last for over 20 years, to ensure they can continue to receive clean drinking water for a long period of time without needing any specific skills to operate it.

“I had to be sure that all the individual companies and suppliers I used could also fulfil these requirements. Aside from the quick and easy installation of the Astore valves, I know they will not corrode or stop performing with the constant flow of both contaminated and clean water, so they will last throughout the lifetime of the system.”

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